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"Supporting 'dyslexic' people to overcome dyslexia"

Welcome to BeesTheWrongWayRound.com, the innovative dyslexia support service, run by 'dyslexics' for 'dyslexics'. Like the services we offer on a one-to-one basis, this website, is geared towards, supporting dyslexic people to overcome their dyslexia.www.internet-flets-campaign.net .

Our dyslexia information section contains several exercises that will hopefully help you to reduce some of the negative impact that dyslexia may be having on your life. Or for lively discussions about dyslexia you can visit our Hive forum.

The honeycomb below is regularly updated and will guide you to sections of the site that hopefully will be of interest to you, and also increase your levels of awareness towards dyslexia.